This page will list when things are updated and other miscellaneous comments.

February 9 -- "The usual" updates (current events, homepage, bestsellers).   Added Facebook link.

November 28 -- "The usual" updates (current events, homepage, bestsellers).

October 23-- "The usual" updates (current events, homepage, bestsellers). Added info. about gas card raffle and November closings.

JUNE 2008
June 16 -- "The usual" updates. (Current events, homepage, bestsellers)  Update data before January 2008 were deleted.  (Yes, "data" is plural.)
June 3 --
Current events (including Relay for Life @ LHS) and home page updated.  My goal is to update bestellers by every Tuesday.  Countdown is now for RLR.

MAY 2008
May 27 -- SUMMER READING PROGRAM 08 ADDED!!! :-D  Bestseller list too!
May 19 -- Bestseller list updated (hasn't been because webmaster has been ill.)
May 13-- Survey, current events edited. 

APRIL 2008
April 29 -- Survey added.
April 21 -- Welcome Beth Linn, relief librarian (though long overdue---but that's okay; it's Fine Free Week!), Bestsellers and children's pages updated
April 16 -- BIG UPDATE!  New "Latest and Greatest" page, some current events added.
April 14 -- Current events, home page updated -- stay tuned for Summer Reading Program '08, bestsellers page, and an upcoming book sale

MARCH 2008
March 31 -- Current events updated. 
March 20 -- Welcome Beverly Paushel, the new genealogy curator.  Genealogy, current events, links, and home page updated.
March 10 -- New current events plus gift basket raffle.
March 3 -- Fixed a few links and the usual updates... (home page, current events)  The next countdown (after 3/17) may be for the last day of school.

February 19 -- Home page, current events, children page and links updated
February 13 --
Current events and children pages updated.
February 5 -- Board meeting info
February 1 --
More FAQs updated.

January 30 -- Added info on the electronic check-out system on current, FAQ, and children's pages.
January 22 -- Routine cleanup; added link Valentine's Day facts on Children's page
January 18 --
Current events updated.
January 10 -- Current events and children pages updated; new photo in circulation page.
January 4 -- Home page updated.